Mechanical maintenance - Diagnosis – Repairs

Golden Ride offers a variety of basic and comprehensive service solutions!

Golden Ride customers have access to expert after-sales service from Golden Ride’s electromechanical workshop. Our technician’s considerable know-how ensures top-notch service.

Our specialized technicians guarantee professionalism and speed, with both electronic and mechanical issues, and in the standard maintenance of vehicles. We service a variety of electric micro-mobility vehicles, restoring the function of scooters and bikes.

We offer servicing and repairs on electric (and non electric) micro-mobility products:





Ensure your bike is running safely and effectively (available for electric & non-electric bikes)

Depending on usage, a Safety Service is recommended for bikes with light use between major mechanical services. As part of the Safety Service the whole bike is checked for overall health and adjusted as required. It does not include fitting any new parts, or stripping the bike down but does include the following:

Full safety check inspected for damage (incl. frame, wheels, brakes)

Frames and forks wiped down and checked

Wheels and tyres inspected for wear

Wheels and rims checked for trueness and condition

Chain checked and lubricated

Gears and brakes tuned up

If our mechanic discovers any parts that need replacing or parts that require serious repair, you will be provided with an additional no-obligation report and quote.

How does it work?

We guarantee the highest level of professionalism and a punctual, fast service. 

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Our specialized technician will perform a diagnosis* on your electric bike or scooter

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The cost of the diagnosis (£25) will be deducted from the total price once you accept the quote

For any questions, please feel free to send us a WhatsApp or call our Stratford team on +447549 390561