New London flagship store

With the micromobility sector constantly growing and innovating, it’s always encouraging to see brands enter the UK market. And in August of this year, Italian brand Terravision Electric did just that with the opening of its Golden Ride flagship store in London’s Stratford Centre.

Golden Ride is the e-mobility brand from Terravision, an airport transport operator across Europe for more than 20 years. On what motivated them to enter the UK market, Niccolò Petroni, Golden Ride director, told BikeBiz: “We are passionate about the sustainable micromobility movement, and we firmly believe that the right solutions will quickly and dramatically improve the living standards across large cities.

“By showcasing to the wider public the great number of benefits to be had when adopting e-bikes and e-scooters as a viable and sustainable form of urban transportation, while addressing and discussing in a transparent environment any concerns they might have, it is possible for congested, noisy and polluted city centres to transform into flowing, quiet and clean-living spaces.”

Over the last three years, Petroni said the company’s approach to sustainable micromobility solutions has had a “huge positive impact” on the city of Milan, where the Golden Ride brand was conceived. “As part of our strategic expansion road map, once we had achieved our initial goals in Milan – essentially proving that the unique package we offer is something that the market wants – our next venture was to be in London, a magnificent urban landscape that blends timeless heritage with innovative modernity,” said Petroni.

“But it’s widely accepted London is facing a pressing challenge with regards to pollution. “Last year, a prominent study – one that the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, responded to – found that London was the 18th most polluted city in the world. As part of that list, only Athens and Istanbul ranked worse in a European context. This critical issue, combined with the Mayor’s pioneering plans for improving air quality and the early acceptance of dynamic tech-led sustainable micromobility solutions at the heart of many communities, naturally led us to London as our next destination following our Milan debut.

“As part of that progression, earlier this year we opened a brand-new flagship store nearby the iconic Olympic Park. One of our overarching near-term aims is to ensure that London – and the UK – can benefit from the brand’s complete range of high-tech, safety-first and design-focused sustainable micromobility solutions, from e-scooters, such as our all-new A6 Pro, through to e-bikes such as our Terravision touring
bike that’s been designed for adventure and the industryleading Golden Ride Coppi range.”

Customer focus

On how the UK market is different from Italy, Petroni said the same principles can also be applied to Golden Ride’s launch in Italy compared with the UK. “Our initial aim in Italy was to gain a fuller understanding of how to make our products unique – ensuring our line-up of sustainable micromobility solutions is unlike anything else the market currently offers,” Petroni explained.

“In addition to that, and unlike most of the market sector for sustainable micromobility across Europe, Golden Ride’s approach to market includes a comprehensive customerfocused after sales experience, ensuring the brand is with the customer at every stage of their sustainable micromobility journey – we’re not a brand that bids farewell to the customer once they’ve purchased an e-bike or e-scooter from us.

“This customer-led business model that is so much more than just the product and point-of-sale is one we successfully implemented in Italy and we’re planning on introducing in the UK very soon – watch this space.”

Stand apart

Following the launch of its flagship store in London, Petroni said the plan for Golden Ride is to consolidate its entry into the sustainable micromobility sector in the UK. “In my opinion other e-bikes and e-scooters lack any distinctive character or personality of product – most simply repeat the same design style and product experience,” Petroni said.

“We proudly stand apart, and this is just the start of Golden Ride’s journey in the UK. Part of our future plans will be to open stores in other iconic UK cities, all of which will benefit from our sustainable micromobility innovations. Before then, however, consumers in the UK can purchase a Golden Ride product from the brand’s immersive digital space.”

Golden’s Ride initial launch saw three core e-bike offerings: the Terravision Electric Touring e-bike, the eBroh Carbon e-MTB and Italian Coppi folding and Hybrid city e-bikes. Petroni said the brand has just launched its all-new hightech e-scooter – the A6 Pro, which has been designed and developed specifically in mind for urban landscapes such as London and other major UK cities.

“The A6 Pro combines an array of leading attributes that make it an exciting choice for consumers – it has a compelling combination of being an affordable zero-emissions mobility solution that has impressive real-world performance; an advanced electric drivetrain, outstanding safety and comfort features, and a contemporary aesthetic that is not only immersed in our Italian heritage but also takes on a form that is practical and flexible.”

Petroni continued: “It’s wonderful to be given the opportunity to discuss our exciting future having had a remarkable UK debut year in which we’ve opened our flagship store, launched a brand-new range of e-bikes in the Coppi family line-up and, most recently, introduced the high-tech A6 Pro e-scooter. “We are planning on using 2023 as a successful springboard from which to further build upon elevating the brand across the next 12 with exciting new products and developments that are at the cutting-edge of the sustainable micromobility space.”


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